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Family Day

What is Family Day? How does Family Day even exist? Those were our exact...
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Additions to Shape Collage Team

Thank you for your support so far. Since the launch of Loupe, we’ve had...
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Shape Collage’s New Web App — Loupe

Shape Collage’s new web app — Loupe. Shape your photos the way you want...
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Education Collage

Teaching in the Classroom: Education Collage

Lesley Nord uses Shape Collage in the classroom to better engage his students, teach...
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Birthday Collage Poster

Birthday Collage Poster

Here’s a fun idea from Heidi, a Shape Collage fan, and mother of four...
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Valentine's Day Collage Thumbnail

Original, Thoughtful, Touching Valentine’s Day Idea

How many times have you gone through the same routine in early February and...
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Snowman Collage

Holiday Gift Ideas: Collage Posters, Cards, and More

Looking for a unique gift to give this holiday season? With Shape Collage, it’s...
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Wedding Collage

Shape Collage Story: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Shape Collage is perfect for making really personalized gifts and Kelly did just that:...
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Holiday Card Collage

Shape Collage Story: School Holiday Card

Kurt used Shape Collage to make a fun and creative holiday card.  Here’s his...
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Family Collage

Shape Collage Story: Tearjerker Christmas Present

Here is a great story by Joshua who used Shape Collage to make a...
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