Holiday Card Collage

Shape Collage Story: School Holiday Card

Kurt used Shape Collage to make a fun and creative holiday card.  Here’s his story:

I created the school holiday card this year using Shape Collage Pro! We took several photographs of students at work in the different vocational areas of the school – I used a doughnut shaped template and created a Christmas Wreath out of the pictures. Added a really nice red bow to the bottom and – voila!! – A really different and cool card for the school to send out to the community!

Thanks guys – you came through for me when I was in desperate need of something fun and creative!!!!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Kurt!  We love how you made the pictures into a wreath!  Very clever!

Do you have a Shape Collage story?  Share your story with us!

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  1. [...] Making a holiday card to send out to friends and family or just a card to go with a gift? Why not add a personal touch to it and do something different? Take some pictures and put them into the shape of a snowman, candy cane, Christmas tree, Star of David, or another holiday themed shape and use that picture collage on your card. Kurt took photos and turned them into a wreath for a fun and creative holiday card. [...]

  2. Crisu says:

    I like your idea of a holiday card. The truth is that pictures of loved ones or great moments make a beautiful gift or why not, a nice artwork on your wall or on the fridge. Here’s my idea of a gift , I don’t really know if it’s perfect, but I believe it’s easy, cheap and gorgeous, just like any collage.

  3. Linda Conn says:

    That is a beautiful background for your collage. How did you get your collage on the background? Were you able to do move your collage into photoshop and add the background? I love the collages, but do not see any way to add a background paper and would appreciate any suggestions so that I do not have to settle for just a white background behind my collage. I am primarily interested in this for using as digital scrapbooking pages. Thank You.

  4. You can go to the “Appearance” tab in the desktop software and choose the background. You can change the colour, use a transparent background, or use an image as the background. You can also save it in Photoshop PSD format and do whatever editing that you’d want in Photoshop.

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