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Holiday Gift Ideas: Collage Posters, Cards, and More

Looking for a unique gift to give this holiday season? With Shape Collage, it’s quick and easy to make a very personalized gift that will be remembered for years to come!

Take dozens or hundreds of your family photos and use Shape Collage to put them into the shape of a heart or spell out your family name. You can then take this photo collage and have it printed as a poster and framed at any photo development or print shop.

This makes a perfect gift for parents or grandparents that already have everything. Instead of just another generic gift, you can give them something special – the gift of memories! Best of all, you can do the whole thing from start-to-finish in the same day!

Joshua made a touching Christmas gift for his parents by making a photo collage from a bunch of old family photos and printing it on a large canvas. The gift made his Mom cry!

Making a holiday card to send out to friends and family or just a card to go with a gift? Why not add a personal touch to it and do something different? Take some pictures and put them into the shape of a snowman, candy cane, Christmas tree, Star of David, or another holiday themed shape and use that picture collage on your card.

Kurt took photos and turned them into a wreath for a fun and creative holiday card.

Want other gift ideas? Put a photo collage on a mug, t-shirt, or notebook to give someone something useful and memorable. Take photos from this year and write out “2010″ with the photos to commemorate the year. Spell out “2011″ and use the collage to make a calendar. The possibilities are endless!

Kelly wanted to give her friend a unique and personalized gift for Christmas. She made a collage out of photos from her friend’s recent wedding, and then printed and framed it to give her friend a gift filled with memories.

Do you have other collage-related holiday gift ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. dana thomas says:

    how can i print a collage that will not have a watermark?

  2. To create collages without the watermark, you have to upgrade to Shape Collage Pro.

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