Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get mom or wife for Mother’s Day? You could make her breakfast or take her out for dinner like you do every year… OR you could put a little more thought into your gift and make her a collage! The best thing about collages is that they can be printed out and framed or even printed on a canvas! Click here for printing options.

Loupe makes it easy for you to make a collage. Some collage ideas in the past include:

- Create a collage of you and your mom


- Create a collage of the family


- Create a collage of her favorite things


- Create a collage of you and your wife



Learn the basics of how to make a collage using photos from FacebookInstagramTumblr and other websites. You can find more through our handbook too!

ps. Don’t forget to buy some flowers for your mother or wife! A woman always loves flowers…

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