HOW TO: Make A Collage Using Photos From Tumblr

Loved the photos from that Tumblr blog? Wish you could put it up on your wall or use some of the photos on your blog? Make a collage by grabbing the photos from your favorite Tumblr bloggers!



1. Go to getLoupe.com

2. Click on “Get Started”

3. Next, press on the “Add Photos” Button. Your screen should look like this


4. Select the Tumblr tab. Notice the Suggestions for Tumblr Blogs.


5. Type what you would like to make a collage of. In this case, we want to make a collage of “hamburgers” from the Tumblr Blog Hamburgers and click ok. You can click on Suggestions too!


6. You should see photos from that particular blog pop up. You can select “ALL” or choose the images that you would like in the collage. Then click Add Photos.


7. Select the Shape you want and watch the magic happen! Wonder how Loupe works? Read about it.


8. And voila! You can scroll over each photo for a larger view.


9. You can also move photos around or delete photos within a collage by clicking “EDIT”. When you’re finished, click “EDIT” again.


10. Now click “Save”. You can name your collage and even add a description!


11. Once you’ve saved your collage, you can

  • Share your collage on Facebook
  • Tweet your collage
  • Email your collage
  • Download the collage onto your computer
  • Blog about your new collage by adding the Embed link to your site!




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