HOW TO: Get Celebrities to Notice Your Collage (Of Them) via Facebook

One of the coolest features about Loupe is that you can grab images from any website or blog. If you are an avid fan of Supernatural, the TV show, you might have heard that Canadian actor Osric Chau will be making a guest star appearance this Friday, May 4th. So for example, if you would like to make a collage of Osric Chau, you would:


1. Go to getloupe.com


2. Click on “Get Started” and then Add Photos

3. Click on Search and type in the celebrity you would like to make a collage of.

4. Select the images that you want to use in the collage. You can also “Select All”. Then Click on Add Photos

5. Select the Shape that you want to use. We chose a heart because we heart Osric Chau from Supernatural! Remember, you can select the text option and write out their names too!


6. Once you’ve got your final collage, right click on the collage. Click “Download Collage” or “Save As”. You can save this anywhere on your computer including your desktop.


7. Copy and paste the link to your new celebrity collage. In this case, the link to the collage of Osric Chau is: http://www.getloupe.com/v/2hadfigx


8. Open a new browser or window. Log into your Facebook account. Decide what you want to say on your status update. For example “Here’s a photo collage of the newest Supernatural star Osric Chau (as Kevin) appearing May 4!“. DO NOT PRESS POST YET!!


9. Add the direct link to your status update. It should now read:

Here’s a photo collage of the newest Supernatural star Osric Chau (as Kevin) appearing May 4! http://www.getloupe.com/v/2hadfigxDO NOT PRESS POST YET!!


10. Now click on “Add Photo/Video”. Select the image from where you saved your collage. DO NOT PRESS POST YET!!


11. Now before you post, you want to make sure that you have “tagged” any official celebrity pages. So for example, in this case, we are going to tag “Supernatural” and “Osric Chau”. It should look a little like this:


12. After you have tagged all necessary key words or celebrities (to get their attention), double check to make sure everything is in place:

a) Comment/Status Post
b) Link to your collage
c) Uploaded the collage image
d) Official Celebrity Page


13. Once you have double and triple checked to make sure everything is in place, YOU CAN CLICK POST!


14. WAIT! You are not finished yet. Click on your newly updated status post. It should look like this:


15. Now go ahead and tag your collages with more celebrity fan pages. In this case, we will tag all the Supernatural fan pages.


16. Now go to your Facebook Profile Timeline and click on the Star to highlight your new celebrity collage!


17. And… Voila! You are done. Do not forget to tweet your collage to the celebrity!



ps. Have you posted a collage of Justin Bieber or One Direction on Facebook yet?



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