HOW TO: Use Loupe in the Classroom

We have many teachers using Shape Collage in their classrooms. Ever since the launch of Loupe, our web based photo collage application, more and more teachers are using Photo Collages to engage with their students.

Loupe takes hundreds of web photos and in seconds, automatically create beautiful photo collages in any shape that you want. Turn your photos into hearts, animals, words and even logos. Teachers use photo collages to teach math, get students to think critically and encourage them to be creative with their projects. Loupe is a great way to incorporate web resources, search and creativity in your classrooms!

Photo Collages can be used:

  • As a poster for print for the back of the class
  • As a support for student’s statement
  • As attractive presentation for work on the web or social networks
  • As a word wall
  • In mixing or pairing games
  • As a choosing board


Read more details about Loupe for Education!


Example of collage used to represent grade class

Photo Collage by Romi Miclat

Example of collage used creatively

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