"I chose Shape Collage for this project because of its ease of use, quick action, variety, and stunning output."
-- Macworld

"Shape Collage is truly priceless."
-- Macworld

"Shape Collage is a Seriously Fun Photo Collage Application"
-- Lifehacker

"The best photo collage software I've ever seen"
-- Chris Pirillo

"Shape Collage is easy to use and the results are so cool that you'll probably get addicted (as I did)"
-- PCWorld

"I made a heart of pictures of my kids, and it's beautiful. Wow. That was really fun. Very cool, very fast."
-- Leo Laporte ( (Podcast @ 1:33:45)

"A fantastic program... I was pretty astounded"
-- Scott Bourne (Macbreak Weekly)

"Shape Collage is one of the coolest photo applications I have seen in a long time - and it's FREE!"
-- Cameratown