Forced to Facebook Timeline?

Yea, we were too.

Not the most exciting thing but hey, everyone’s on Facebook and Facebook says timeline. So we say “Fine”.  If you have no idea what we’re talking about — get caught up with “Facebook Timeline Brand Pages Are Here” by Mashable’s Sam Laird

The part that all our friend’s don’t understand, is why do people need a cover photo in ADDITION to their profile photo? I mean, how many photos of yourself can you have when someone lands on your profile? There have been a ton of ideas on how businesses can take advantage of Facebook Cover with the extra online real estate but what about us personal folks out there? Should we plaster our profile with photos of ourselves?

We say you plaster your Facebook Cover with a collage of memories. Memories of you and your friends, memories of your wedding, memories of your travels and memories of your family. Your Profile Image is for you — that is where you pick out your favorite photo of yourself (favorite angle too) but your Facebook Cover is the perfect place for you to share images of who you are, the people in your life and what represents you.

How do you make the perfect Facebook Cover?

1. Go to Loupe. - If you’re not familiar with our web app, read about it here: Shape Collage’s New Web App

2. Add Photos. Login to your Facebook account and pick your photos:

1. Decide what you want people to think of you as – or be remembered for. What do you think of when you think of your best friend? Soccer, Football, Rugby, loud music, collectable lego. What do you think of when you think of your mom? Loving (sometimes overbaring), fresh cookies, always smiling, pink nail polish. What do you think of when you think of the girl next door? Blonde, bikini… you get the point. What items or things to do represent you? What do you want people to think of — when they think of you?

2. Who are the people in your life that make your life memorable? The first step your baby took. The night out with the boys for your bachelor party. Girls night out in Vegas (btw, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas). The day your child graduates from University. These are all lifetime memories, memories with people you enjoy spending time with, people you care about, people you love. Think of all the good times!

3. Cover photo is not a cover photo without photos of you. Remember that one time you painted your face? How about the time you were passed out at camp? What about that 60′s nye party or the time you won your hockey game? Yes, the classy and the embarrassing photos.

3. Pick your shape. There are over 100+ shapes on Loupe. You can also use the TEXT option to spell something out. Be creative! You can edit the collage by moving photos around. Remember, this is a collage of your best memories with all of your friends and family. Think outside the box!

4. And voila! Download your collage of memories and upload your new Facebook Cover. If you have troubles uploading your image, read more here.

This is the cover photo we came up with at Shape Collage:


If you have any questions, comment on our Shape Collage Facebook Page or tweet us @shapecollage

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